Empowering Healthcare Decisions with Real-Time Patient Data
Connect. Analyze. Improve. Get instant, reliable patient data at your fingertips.
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An exceptional clinical platform that revolutionizes the management of health. It provides a seamless interface for both patients and healthcare providers.
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Don't Just Manage Your Heart Care, Optimize It with Forcardio
Take control. Get proactive. Experience smarter cardiovascular care today.
Remote Patient Monitoring
Track vitals & heart health from anywhere. ForCardio empowers patients to actively participate in their care journey with remote monitoring tools.
Holistic Care Coordination
Connect seamlessly with your care team. ForCardio streamlines communication and collaboration between patients, doctors, and caregivers for better-coordinated care.
Data-Driven Insights
Make informed decisions with real-time analytics. ForCardio leverages data to provide actionable insights for Doctors, enabling more informed treatment plans.
Scaling healthcare
Scaling Up Healthcare Solutions with MedTech Africa
Explore real-world use cases demonstrating the reach and impact of our technology
Medtech Africa consolidates data from various health monitoring devices, offering up-to-date patient records and real-time data access.
Specialized tools monitor chronic diseases, collecting continuous data and providing advanced analytics.
For Health Provider
Medtech Africa gives healthcare providers a comprehensive suite of technology solutions tailored to treating, managing and monitoring chronic diseases. A single platform that provides reliable patient data from third-party health monitoring devices or software to manage, and monitor patients with hypertension, diabetes, and heart failure for faster recovery and care throughout their lifetime.
For Patients
Monitor your health with any wearable device or software and get support from a doctor. Get a personal diary to log in your blood pressure, sugar level and other vitals at home, with 24/7 monitoring from your physician anywhere you are. Meal Planner, exercise, reminders for medications and tests available. 
Monitor your health with any wearable device and get support from a doctor.
For Donors
At Medtech Africa, we believe every patient deserves an equal chance to live healthily. We provide an opportunity for Partners and Organizations that believe in democratizing universal health coverage to directly pay for underserved Africans in need of Medical Care.
we believe every patient deserves an equal chance to live healthily.
Our features

Input real-time patient data from wearables, telehealth devices & software to your EMR, telehealth, or telemedicine app. Connect user real-time data to your EMR through our complete API & SDK suite to support real-time monitoring of vitals and chronic management.

End-End encryption
We prioritize data security with robust encryption to protect sensitive patient information.
Easy to use API
Simplify integration with well-documented and intuitive APIs for developers of all skill levels.
Plug and Play SDK
Get started quickly with pre-built SDKs that streamline integration into your existing platform.
Smart UI/UX
Deliver a user-friendly experience for both patients and healthcare professionals with our intuitive interface design.
Patient diary & health tracking feature
Empower patients to actively participate in their healthcare journey through a comprehensive diary and tracking feature.
Artificial Intelligence features
Leverage the power of AI for advanced data analysis and insights to improve diagnosis and treatment plans.
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Empowering healthcare decisions with real-time patient data

Better outcomes start with better data. Proactive care starts with you
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Providing access to reliable patient data and tools for caregivers, providers and healthcare system.


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